#BollywoodMonster does Brampton: Putting Our City On the Map

I was born in Brampton in 1998 and have lived here ever since. I’ve watched as Queen St. developped high-rises and condos, witnessed the Bramalea City Centre become a massive shopping hub, and stood in awe as my piano recitals moved from The Heritage Theatre to the new Rose Theatre Brampton. Growing up in the suburbs of the big city, I, along with the majority of young Bramptonians, have always felt that we could never live up to Toronto’s music scene, nightlife and basically their everything. It was always slightly shameful to tell someone that you were from Brampton because the idea of it was so belittled from the people in Toronto, as if being a half hour from the city made us any less aware of what’s trending.


Over the past few years, that idea of my hometown (or homecity I should say, considering we’ve grown to 590,000 in population) has been completely shattered and reconstructed with the rise of Brampton’s music and arts scene. With massive names like Alessia Cara, Russell Peters, Tory Lanez, Roy Woods, Pryde and Rupan Bal emerging from the city, our suburban stomping ground is turning out to be more than just the far-away suburbs we’ve been told we are. But the Brampton arts scene extends further than these big names. We’ve got YouTubers like YouTwotv, The Brampton Boys and Brampton Says, artists like Noyz and Haviah Mighty as well as The Bramptonist blog, all shining a spotlight on the incredibly talented artists, writers and comedians who are hustling to make a name for themselves and their city while unapologetically sharing their Brampton roots.


That’s where #BollywoodMonster does Brampton comes in. It’s a full day and evening event on July 15th at the Rose Theatre Brampton that showcases the multi-cultural and multi-arts community that our homegrown artists have created. This year, we’ve ramped up the production and have added a day-time art exhibit, spoken word and urban music performance as well as an uncensored stand-up comedy night-show. This event means more to the City of Brampton than just a night of entertainment, it means putting Brampton on the map in terms of celebrating the people that are creating a new perception of our city and re-inventing the way we see, hear and feel art, particularly in Brampton.


Hip-hop is not one thing, art is not one thing, comedy is not one thing and #BollywoodMonster does Brampton acknowledges the hard-work and dedication of these local creators while fuzing their mediums of expression into one spotlight event. We’re providing Brampton with a platform on which to evolve as a music and culturally driven city, while shattering the illusion of what it looks like to be a creator from the suburbs.


With the help of events like #BollywoodMonster does Brampton, we have the opportunity to prove that we’re not “the knock-off” of Toronto, we stand on our own and represent a community that spans larger than just the walls of the GTA.


#BollywoodMonster does Brampton’s Wicked Lineup.



Come out and support your local (soon to be global) talents at the Rose Theatre Brampton, July 15th 2017. For all of the info and to get your tickets, go to http://www.bollywoodmonstermashup.com/does-brampton/.


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