Welcome to Bollywood Monster Mashup (BMM) – the LARGEST South Asian festival in Canada! We offer exceptional sponsorship opportunities to meet your marketing goals.


Watch video of last year's Market Place vendors

Watch video of last year's Food vendors

Bollywood Monster Mashup is:

  • A world-class, high-quality and professional festival committed
  • Filled with fun and family-oriented activities
  • A way for vendors to promote their business to a huge audience of South Asian and other diverse attendees from the surrounding cities and beyond


This Year’s Vendors:

  • Pizza Pizza
  • Costco
  • Twistie Taters
  • Watan Kabob
  • Twistee Dairy Ice Cream
  • Elegant Fashion and Jewellery
  • DIVA – The Beautiful You
  • Kalpataru Dosa Hub


  • Asmara Kitchen
  • Rubicon
  • Taza Food Products
  • The Mighty Cob
  • Karigur
  • Henna by Somara Iftakhar
  • Fashion Trendz
  • Visionlife Inc.
  • Canadian Inventory Solutions

BMM’s Previous Vendors:

  • Shree Gurudev
  • Elegant Fashion
  • SBS Ayur Care North America
  • Twisty Dairy
  • Twisty Taters
  • Kids Mart
  • Malaysian Kitchen
  • Beaver Tail
  • Spring Rolls
  • Mediterranean Village
  • Mighty Cob
  • Alokozay Tea
  • Elegant Fashions
  • AR International
  • Watan Kabob
  • Medawala Canada
  • Fashoon Trendz
  • Pinafari Collections

And many more…

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